06-2012, 24x30 cm


My first paintings

My first paintings

my first paintings I made on the island of Bonaire, followed by sessions in the studio of Peter Schenk in Amsterdam. The first two years I made hundreds of paintings on paper, understanding use of color, camera obscura, contrast, lines, planes, volumes.

I also learned to understand size. From small pieces, growing to 1x1 meter, and from paper to canvas.

50 x 30 cm
abstract, paper, 50x30 cm
abstract, paper, 30x50 cm
abstract, paper, 50x30 cm
50x30 cm, paper


100 x 100 cm
100 x 120 cm
Rose, paper, 46x66 cm
sign of the times, 80x100 cm
80x100 cm
nude in blue, paper, 40x50cm


Painting in France and Spain

Painting in France and Spain



painting in France and Spain. Even larger formats, up to 2x2 meter. Some paintings reflect travelling in Africa. Landscape type of abstracts. Also more monochrome studies. Mainly paint with knives.

A girlfriend of mine give name to most paintings. Don't like giving names, too explicit. First exhibition, scary. People call you artist.

Get my own studio at the Albert Cuyp, become more full-time painter.


150 x 100 cm
150 x 100 cm
light 100x120 cm
22x91 cm
same difference, 120x140 cm
120x120 cm


120 x 120 cm
50 x 40 cm
150 x 150 cm
180 x 180 cm
summer, 100x120 cm


New York

New York

Painting at a temporarily studio in New York (thanks Gilad !) with Peter, followed by exhibition. Fantastic time, hard to get canvas in time. Works now untitled...much better. Also painting in Europe with friends. Love to be in my studio, freedom.

152 x 198 cm
180 x 150 cm
100 x 100 cm


two thousand and eight

two thousand and eight

Lot of experiments with gel. Creates thick structures. Paintings you want to touch, work for the blind. Become more uncertain, repaint and repaint. Maybe I produce 100 paintings a year, resulting in 30 "final" pieces. Think more and more about abstraction, infinity, beauty, life. Meet Miktor & Molf (thanks Simone!), start discussions on a book.

180 x 140 cm
150 x 120 cm
100 x 150 cm
150 x 100 cm
152 x 160 cm
180 x 180 cm
untitled, 150x150 cm


150 x 200 cm
afm. 140 x 140 cm
180 x 180 cm
60 x 40 cm
80 x 80 cm


Model Painting

Model Painting

Start (again) with model painting/drawing. Paint in France with Peter, re-discovering brushes. Wonderful time in Italy for exhibition. Interesting diner discussions: what is abstract ? Launch of book at Lloyd hotel. Year-end difficult to  paint, uncertain and too emotional.

100 x 100 cm
200 x 200 cm
100 x 100 cm
100 x 100 cm
50 x 50 cm
50 x 50 cm
30 x 40 cm
40 x 60 cm
40 x 50 cm
50 x 50 cm
30 x 40 cm
50x100 cm
nude ink on paper, 50x60 cm


Notes 02

Notes 02


Chet Baker plays, fits the stormy weather

 added older work to site

ik wacht tot ik niet nadenk

eindelijk weer eens woordeloos gecommuniceerd

drawing dancing model

starts course techniques of postwar painting at Moma online

a beautiful night !

can you detect similarities in the most famous paintings from the frequency spectrum of each?

painting meat, in an abstract way ??



ik kom er nu pas achter dat in het nu leven een wiskudige onderbouwing heeft, de Laplace transformatie. Veel gebruikt in de electronica, om van het tijddomein naar het frequentiedomein te gaan. Dus in plaats van tijd (gister, morgen, straks) naar frequentie=geluid en beeld !

Leven in het frequentiedomein=schilderen op  muziek

Nu nog even snappen dat frequentie=0 (stilte) hoorbaar is

Notes 03

Notes 03

gravity is an illusion of the mass

de mooiste dingen gebeuren onverwacht

inspired by the spring, and 1001 other things

discovering Portugal

notes 04

notes 04

lines, just lines, and a beautiful night, big band

80x40 cm
untitled, 2011
16-2011, 50x60 cm
18-2011, 80x120 cm, acrylic, paper


01-2012, 24x30 cm
03-2012, 30x40 cm
04-2012, 20x20 cm
05-2012, 20x20 cm




new work ! 80x80cm